Pleasing you is my top priority. I know, I know…every business owner says the exact same thing. But what do they really do to back that up? If you ask, they’ll regurgitate a few lame lines like “We strive to utilize the latest and best technology” or “Our highly trained technicians are the best in the business”.

Gimmee a break! There are two problems with these lines. First, did you notice they never say anything about YOU, the customer? Nope, it’s all “Me, me me, us, us, us”. They brag about themselves, but never say what’s in it for you. Second, there’s no concrete information you can use to make good decisions about who to hire. What company wouldn’t say they have the best customer service? They all claim to have the best customer service, so it becomes a useless platitude.

Here’s how I’m different, and what’s in it for you. I have a carpet cleaner buddy in Indianapolis who shared some information with me some time ago. He ran a couple national surveys back in 2012 to ask consumers what they love and hate about professional carpet cleaning services. So now, instead of guessing what customers want, we actually KNOW what you want!

I took the survey info to heart and used it to shape my own business into the type of carpet cleaning service people really want. Here are the top three complaints national consumers had and how I fix them…

1. Consumers HATE when the carpet cleaner shows up late.

Many people have to take off work or hire babysitters/dogsitters for their carpet cleaning appointment. If the cleaner is late (or a no-show), the customer doesn’t just suffer wasted time–it might literally cost them financially.

To save you time and expense, I use 1.5 hour arrival windows (instead of the standard 8am-noon or noon-5pm windows my competitors use) so you don’t have to wait around all day. I also leave a time cushion between appointments to make sure I’m rarely behind schedule, even if a previous appointment takes longer than expected. And I give my customers a little courtesy call to let them know when I’m on the way.

2. Consumers HATE workers who smell like cigarette smoke.

I’m not here to judge anybody (I used to smoke myself), and this isn’t just my opinion. Nearly 70% of consumers interviewed said they don’t like it when workers come into their home smelling like smoke. Fortunately, I kicked the habit long ago. I might smell like coffee or blueberry muffin scented deodorizer, but you don’t have to worry about me smelling like Kool menthols.

3. Consumers HATE feeling intimidated in their own homes by gruff, scary workers.

By far, most of my customers are women. I understand and sympathize with the anxiety they probably feel letting me into their house for the first time. That’s why I am polite, will look you in the eye, have a website full of real 5 star reviews, and have my picture and a short bio in your confirmation email prior to arrival. My own wife has been frightened by some rough-looking cable guys in the past, and I never, ever want my own customers to feel that way.

So there you go…the top three complaints actual consumers have about carpet cleaners, and how I solve them all. Hopefully you’ll find my answers to be more informative than the lame, standard lines most other companies use.

If you have any cleaning needs–carpet, upholstery, tile, or rugs–please call me anytime and I promise I’ll show up on time, smoke free, and without scaring you or your family.