Carpet to tile Transitions

The carpet to tile transition is a feature that is not unusual in houses and businesses alike. A carpet transition into tile may seem horrible when done incorrectly

If the changeover was a do-it-yourself project gone awry or professionally-installed job, Louisville Carpet Repair has the solutions to your problems.Based on your carpet to tile transition dilemma, it can be fixed by us using these treatments.

Carpet which is flush with all of the tile normally requires a carpet re-stretch to repair the issue. All we must do is fold the edge under and attach a finish strip. This will guarantee a smooth drum tight changeover to your tile.

Rubber Reducers
Our commercial clientele generally use this treatment. Louisville Carpet Repair will replace your old and worn out rubber reducers with brand new ones. This will produce a secure workplace environment for customers and employees alike. Fresh rubber reducers may also add visual appeal to your organisation.

Transition Strips
These come in timber, rubber and metal. Each one is suited to the buyer’s taste. They all perform the job precisely the same. Transitions strips are typically utilised when the carpet to tile changeover produces a risk because of the height differential.

if you have major renovations underway don’t neglect the carpet to tile transitions! When installed correctly, the carpeting and tile as part of your home will sync in harmony.

Louisville Carpet Repair appreciates the need for properly installed carpet to tile transitions and can make certain they will be installed correctly.

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