Commercial Carpet Repair And Cleaning

In business perception is vitally important. Sectors such as retail, food and health care depend on making an excellent impression on their prospective clients. A negative perception can lead to an increase in bad reviews, a decrease in sales and the chance of going out of business.

When your business does not produce a lasting impact you lose money. No company owner wants to be in that position. Did you know that not having clean work environment may also hurt your business with regard to lost efficiency due to employees being away sick? Were you aware that workers use typically about 7.7 sick days per year.This ends up costing businesses $225 million a year? Workers decreased efficiency output by 16%.

Are you aware that dirt and grime that has collected in your rug can impact your employee’s mental skills? As a business owner having workers that are happy, healthy are the most productive ones. More productive workers equals more profit for your business. We are able to assist you to make this a reality.

We realize that carpet cleaning and repair work may not be your first priority in your list. When you invest in your carpet it will pay dividends for you we promise. Louisville Carpet Repair is here to help you. We provide various carpet care solutions for our commercial clients such as you. Unlike residential carpeting, commercial carpet tends to see a higher amount of foot traffic on a daily basis. What this means is that commercial carpeting is frayed a lot sooner and gets worn.This is often due to improper installation or from years of maltreatment. Either way we can fix it!

How Do We Fix It?
Carpet seams that are in great shape only need a reapplying of latex adhesive to bond the pieces. This can be a straightforward and easy process that can make your carpet look like new again. The seam that is damaged is removed by us and replaced with a section of carpet from an unused section of carpeting.

We do this because we want to keep your carpeting as standard as possible. This is called our “long-lasting solution” and is exceptionally capable of fixing the issue with your seams. Louisville Carpet Repair also offers tile to carpet transitions for our business clients. Keeping an office environment that is safe is vitally important due to the specter of lawsuit looming around every corner. You’ll be able to avoid a pricey litigation by replacing things such as rubber reducers in a timely fashion. Once your rubber reducers get old and begin to fail it truly is time to replace them. When you call Carpet Repair Louisville our carpet repair technicians will eliminate your problem in a are professional manner.

We guarantee rapid rubber reducer replacement for your carpet to tile transitions with one quick phone call!