I know, I know, you love your little Shnookums, but sometimes you could just scream! Like the time your little fur baby accidently got locked in the bedroom when you shut the door and headed off to work that day, and you came home to shredded carpet in the doorway, where he tried to get out!

Trust me. We see this same exact scenario every single day. You’re not alone. Louisville Carpet Repair is just a phone call away. And what’s more is, you can even take a pic of your damaged carpet with your phone, and send it to us for a FREE quote, right over the phone! Give us a call and we will tell you where to send it.

But if you ever come home from a long day at work, and your cute little Pookie Bear has torn a hole in the carpet, remember, he might have had a worse day than you. We are here for you, and for Barkley.