With a growing city of over 700,000 residents and a new proclaimed “professional” carpet cleaning company popping up all the time, what makes Louisville Carpet Dyeing & Repair so special?
That’s an easy enough question to answer. It’s in our name! We are Louisville’s one and only company that solely focuses the repairing and dyeing of imperfections in carpet. That is literally all we do every single day!
Some carpet cleaning companies may offer repair services to increase the sale, but unfortunately what happens is the home owner will end up calling us to come out and fix the “repair” that their carpet cleaner tried to take a stab at.
Some of our most popular services include pet damaged carpet repair, carpet re-stretching, emergency water damage carpet repair, bleach spot repair, carpet dyeing, and pretty much any example of carpet imperfections you can think of. Burn marks, loose snags in Berber carpet, red wine stains…ok, you get the point.
What makes us so special is we are Certified in Carpet Repair and Color Restoration. It wasn’t an afterthought to increase your carpet cleaning bill, it’s our whole purpose of going to work every single day. We are specialists!
If you had something wrong with your heart, you wouldn’t go to a general practitioner…you would need to see a specialist!
So if you have any areas of concern that are just bugging the snot out of you, give us a call and we will give you a FREE phone estimate and consultation.