Carpet Re-Stretching

Among the most used services that we offer. Exactly why is this? This is because carpet re-stretching is an economical way to return your carpeting to its former glory.

Many carpets today are installed improperly with inadequate tools to perform the job right. Many carpet installers do this to conserve time and cash for themselves and not for you. We do not believe its right that they put profits before people.

The carpet installers are counting on you not understanding what a carpet that is correctly installed looks like. When you call Louisville Carpet Repair you’ll get a company that places people before profit. Your satisfaction with our work comes first and foremost. We possess the tools to perform the job right the very first time. You don’t have to be concerned about carpet waves and ripples re-emerging after we’re done.

What’s Carpet Stretching?
Carpet Re-Stretching is what we do to correct your carpet following a poor carpet installation. What we do is we elongate your carpet using our carpet-stretching tool to remove ripples and waves that are present in your carpet.

How Do I Know If My Carpet Needs Re- Stretched?
This is a frequent question that we get from our clients. There’s an extremely simple way to tell if your carpet has to be re-stretched. You’ll be able to perform this simple test yourself!
Simply follow these easy steps:

If your carpet parachutes to the floor, your carpeting has to be re-stretched.
If it snaps back in position like a military bed your carpet is considered “drum tight” and does not need to be re-stretched.

Louisville Carpet Repair and Cleaning takes pride in giving our clients the information they need to make an educated choice about their carpet care needs. You can expect only truthfulness and integrity from us.

Top 2 Reasons Why Your Carpet should Be Re-Stretched
Tack Strip Failure: This is a really common problem that can occur with your carpet. When your carpeting is no longer connected to the tack strip this results in carpet ripples, rolls and lumps in your carpeting.

We re-set the tack the strip and re-stretch your carpet, making it appear as good as new.

Here is the top reason why your carpet has these ripples that are unsightly. So long as shady carpet installers can make a fast buck without questions asked there will continue to be awful carpet installations.

These installers rely on knee kickers to install carpet. Your carpet may seem great for a year. Once you start moving furniture or playing, carpet ripples start to emerge.

Louisville Carpet Repair uses the appropriate tools to get the job done. This means using our power stretcher to re-stretch your carpet.