Seam Repair

Wall-to-wall carpet in your house can be highly beneficial for you.. It provides savings for your wallet and comfort for you all at once!! Are you aware that carpet is a natural insulator? This can help supply extra warmth during the chilly times of the year!!

As you are able to see wall-to-wall carpet does have several important features that should be properly maintained to maximize the benefits.

When not properly preserved seams have a tendency to start to come apart. They wear faster when they are outdated and exposed to protracted periods of high heat.

How Are Carpet Seams Fixed?
As with all carpet repair jobs, it is determined by what kind of damage your carpet has. Your carpet may only need to get the seams merged together again.

When we do this all we have to do is employ a latex- agent to the seams to develop a long-lasting durable connection between the seams. It is a relatively simple fix.

This is still less expensive than replacing your carpet and will definitely extend your carpet’s life span!! Don’t change it! Repair It!!

Our supreme aim here at Louisville Carpet Repair is really to save you as much cash as possible! Why squander money when you don’t have to on replacing your old carpeting?

The money that was going to spent changing your carpeting can now be use to go on vacation or pay for home improvement projects. Utilize the savings any way you like!!