Area Rugs

Area rugs are a good addition to any home. They’re unique, eclectic and come in many styles which are based on different rug making practices.

Each carpet shows a tale concerning the history and tradition of the people that created them. Be it a hand woven oriental or a semi -vintage the stories behind them are fascinating.

A historic symbolism in many cultures doesn’t mean that a hand woven will not get dirty once in awhile.

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The most typical forms of damage are:

  • Pet damage
  • Dog urination
  • Food and drink stains
  • Wear and Tear
  • Moth damage

Have you been having a tough time finding a carpet repair firm that can fix your rug?
The reason for this difficulty is most carpet repair businesses do not have the specialized training to do the job.

Louisville Carpet Repair has the unique set of skills to fix your rug and also the wisdom to know when it’s done right![

What Happens After I Call
When you call Louisville Carpet Repair and Cleaning you are hiring highly trained carpet repair experts. Our technicians will arrive at your house at a time that’s convenient to you personally.

Your carpet will be taken by them back to our shop because we can’t do on-site fixes. This is because your rug requires resources that are not accessible throughout an on-site fix.

You don’t have to be worried; all of our technicians handle your rug with a high amount of caution and care.

Once the fixes are made we get your rug right back to you like it was just bought. Our objective is to make our fixes as seamless a potential. Seems like a pretty simple process right? So how can you get the ball rolling on your rug repair?