When I was a kid, my entire life could be thrown into a tailspin if I lost certain Lego pieces.  If you ever played with Legos, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Losing that one odd piece could wreck an entire set.  


These days I don’t play with Legos anymore (not that I’ll admit on record, anyway) because I spend most of my time wowing customers with my uncanny carpet repair & cleaning skills.  And while I’m cleaning carpet, I often suck up bits of debris of all sizes–popcorn kernels, candy wrappers, rubber bands, toothpicks, etc.  Which brings me back around to Legos.


Once in a while I’ll bend over with my vacuum hose to suck up a piece of debris that won’t fit through my cleaning wand, and I’ll notice right at the last moment it’s a…LEGO!  I freeze instantly, slowly back away, and try to recover from that same jolt you might feel after narrowly avoiding a car crash.  Then I whisper a quick “Thank goodness!” to myself, because I know I just saved some kid a world of heartache by sparing this little Lego piece (once I suck something up, it’s gone for good).


I’ll pick it up and put it on top of a dresser or someplace where it will be noticed.  Even if it’s an empty house that no one lives in, I still can’t bring myself to suck up a Lego.  I’ll set it on a shelf in the closet or something.  I just can’t stand the thought of some poor kid’s Lego set getting ruined because I lost that one special piece for him.


So what in the world does this have to do with carpet cleaning?  More importantly, what does this have to do with you?  Listen, carpet cleaning is not rocket science.  It’s actually pretty easy if you’re ok with the physical aspect of it.  What differentiates a good cleaning from a lousy one is the technician doing the work.  And who do you think will be working the hardest for you?  The guy who just wants to clock out at 5pm and go home, or the guy who cares so much about people, he’ll lose sleep over sucking up a kid’s Lego?


You see, I actually care about my customers.  I care about their families and their well-being.  I care about giving them the best possible result and the most bang for their buck.  So on every job I do, I’m always trying to deliver more than what my customers expect.  


Sometimes that means I’ll clean an extra room or a throw rug for free.  Sometimes that means I’ll chase a cat all over the house to keep it from running away since my hoses keep the front door cracked open.  And sometimes that means I’ll stop dead in my tracks to rescue a single Lego piece from permanent oblivion.  
I want you to know you don’t have to put up with lackluster results and cleaning technicians who don’t care.  There’s a better way.  You deserve the best, and I want to give it to you.  Call me right away and I’ll personally take good care of you.