In the first part of this article, I revealed five questions that people ask me over and over. As time passed, I realized these questions were giving me clues to the mindset of my customers. I discovered just how much people really love their homes, and how they worry that outside help (like carpet cleaners) won’t respect their home the same way. If you haven’t read Part One, check it out by clicking here. You’ll see how I address and overcome the concerns my customers have.

In this section, I’ll reveal the answer to the five questions raised in Part One. Since these questions come up all the time, I’m sure you’ll be interested to learn the answers. I’ve listed them below just like I listed them in Part One. First you’ll see the spoken questions, then you’ll see the what the customer is really asking. And of course, you’ll see my answers. Let’s get started.

Question 1
What they say: How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

What they mean: I have a busy life, my kids will want to use the living room when they get home from school, and my husband will grumble about having damp socks…so how long before we can get our house back to normal?

Answer: On average, it takes about four to six hours for most carpets to dry. Several factors can affect this (what the carpet is made out of, outside humidity, how soiled the carpet is, etc.). But I take steps on every job to ensure the fastest possible dry time. I do “dry strokes”, make sure my vacuum filters are cleaned out and free-flowing, and I don’t use too much water. I consider drying your carpet to be just as important as cleaning your carpet, so I do everything I can to help you get back to normal.

Question 2
What they say: What do we need to do before you come?

What they mean: By the time I get the kids to bed late at night I’m exhausted. When I wake up the next morning it’s a mad dash to get them to school on time, and then you’ll be here a few minutes later. I don’t have a lot of time to prep for your arrival, so give me one or two easy things I can do to help.

Answer: You don’t need to go crazy. Maybe move small things that are easy to set in the kitchen or something. Dining room chairs, knickknacks, ottomans, etc. If you see large debris like clumps of pet hair, it helps if you vacuum that stuff up, but again, don’t go too crazy. I’ll do most of the work for you. You’re busy and it’s my job to clean the carpet, not yours.

Question 3
What they say: Do you move furniture?

What they mean: I know the cat throws up under the loveseat and my husband spilled an entire glass of iced tea that went under the coffee table. I’m really worried you’ll tell me you don’t move furniture and I’ll still have all these stains when you’re done.

Answer: I don’t usually move large items like beds and dressers. Coffee tables and small pieces are no problem, though. If you have a special request, we can definitely talk about it. I can always figure something out. For instance, maybe there’s a cat puke stain under your extremely heavy bed. Well, maybe my upholstery cleaning tool will fit under there to clean it up. That way, I can get rid of the stain without having to move the bed. I’m more worried about making you happy than trying to find creative ways to avoid moving furniture. So however it works out, I guaranteed you’ll be thrilled when I’m done.

Question 4
What they say: My dog has had an accident or two in the living room. Do you have anything for that?

What they mean: I’m really worried my house smells bad because the dog pees on the carpet all the time. I’d be so embarrassed to find out my house smells like pee. Can you please help me?

Answer: I have an entire arsenal of products and techniques designed to address damage from naughty pets. Yes, sometimes it costs extra. But I’ll discuss this with you in advance, and will never do anything you don’t want me to do. I can steer you in the right direction, but the ultimate choice is yours. I’m the pet stain/odor specialist in the area, and if there’s a chance your problem can be fixed, I’m the guy who can fix it. Just call me for a free inspection. I can help you. If your problem is minor, a lot of times I don’t even charge extra for it.

Question 5
What they say: Do you pretreat or do anything for stains?

What they mean: We hired one of those “Whole house for $89” discount companies and by the time they added pretreatment, stain removal, deodorizing and deep cleaning to the estimate, it came to over $500. Can you please just do a good job at a fair price? PLEASE?

Answer: My price includes everything you’ll need for perfectly cleaned, fresh-smelling, beautiful carpet. No hidden charges. EVER. I do have extra products you can buy, though. Stuff like carpet protector (Scotchgard, Teflon Advanced, etc.), heavy furniture moving, severe pet damage treatments, and more. But as far as the cleaning is concerned, everything’s already included: pretreatment, stains (unless you have a million red Kool-Aid stains or something), spots, heavy traffic lanes, etc. When you call me to clean your carpet, I come to clean your carpet. Period.

Hopefully my answers will put you at ease about hiring me. I know what you’re looking for. The questions my customers ask reveal what you really want. So please, let me give it to you. I know everybody says they are the best, but seriously–I’m the best. When you choose someone else to do your cleaning, I feel like I’ve failed you because I know they can’t match what I deliver. If you’re ready for methodical, detail-oriented cleaning with fast dry times, the best possible result, and little disturbance to your everyday life, give me a call right away. I guarantee you’ll be thrilled.