Take a good, long look at the shirt you’re wearing right now. Did you buy it because it had the absolute lowest price out of all the other shirts in the store? Of course not. You bought it because you liked it.

There would have been cheaper shirts available, so why didn’t you buy one of those instead? The reason is because those cheaper shirts were the wrong color, the wrong material, the wrong style or the wrong brand. So even though the shirt you’re wearing cost a little more, it was the best value.

What would bring more value–more happiness–to your life? A beautiful $30 shirt you love and wear all the time, or a $7 shirt you never wear because it’s cheap and ugly? Obviously, you’d say the $30 shirt wins, even though it cost four times as much.

You can apply this interesting fact to most everything you own. None of it is the cheapest. Not your TV, your car, your shoes, or even your toothpaste. That’s because, like most people, you are keen enough to appreciate value over price. Cheap TVs blink out after a year. Cheap cars break down all the time. Cheap shoes fall apart too soon. Cheap toothpaste tastes bad and doesn’t work.

Now tell me why you are so attracted to cheap carpet cleaners! You know the type…they have the “WHOLE HOUSE FOR $79” coupons in the mail, or the “JUST $7.95 PER ROOM!” stickers all over their van. Somehow, these companies keep suckering in new customers, despite their lousy work and shady business tactics.

My company doesn’t have the lowest prices–not even close. But it does have the best value, just like the shirt or car or shoes or toothpaste you bought. You bought that stuff because you wanted it so much, the price didn’t matter. And that’s exactly how you’ll feel about my carpet cleaning service.

Don’t let that scare you, though. My prices are very fair, and I’ve never had a complaint about them. People who hire me do so because I’ve instilled trust in them somehow, and I’m confident I can do the same for you. Imagine how good it will feel to know for a fact you’ve hired the right guy, as opposed to that sick, sinking feeling in your stomach when you hire someone who just doesn’t seem right (you know what I’m talking about!).

Here’s the really sad part. When customers hire the discount carpet cleaning companies, those customers end up paying what they would have paid a reputable company like mine. Why? Because these shady companies charge extra for every single little thing that SHOULD have been included. Prespray, light furniture moving, “deep cleaning” (whatever that means), etc.

And just so you know, the discount companies have a dismal customer retention track record. Obviously, there’s a reason for that (they do awful work and bait-and-switch their customers). And there’s a reason mine hovers around 90%. Hey, mine would be even higher, but I can’t help it when people move away (pretty much the only reason someone would stop using me).

The fact is, once people use my company and discover what carpet cleaning is really like, they call me back again, and again, and again. Even though my prices aren’t the cheapest, my customers realize the tremendous value they’re getting because their carpet looks cleaner for longer.

So now it’s your turn. Why don’t you call me today for a free estimate? Although I’m not the cheapest, I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fair the price is. Please call me right now. Remember, your shirt wasn’t the cheapest one in the store, but you bought it because you loved it, and I promise you’ll love my service just as much.