on the phone


Maybe you’ve noticed the same thing, but I think I’m just about sick of being treated like a nuisance when I call in-home service companies.  It doesn’t matter if I’m calling an appliance repair guy, a landscaper or an electrician; they all sound like I just ruined their day by calling.  The phone conversation usually goes something like this:


Business:  “(grunt)  h’llo?!”


Me:  “Hey my name is Brandon and I was wondering if we could get someone out to look at our washing machine.  It’s full of water that won’t drain and–”


Business:  “Yeah well I’m on a job right now and I don’t have time to talk.  Your whole machine is probably shot.  If you want me to look at it I guess I can come by sometime but I’d probably just buy a new one.”


Me:  “Uh…I guess that’s why I’m calling. I was kind of hoping I could get someone to at least look at it and tell me if it’s fixable before I buy a new one–”


Business:  “WELL….sigh…I mean I can come look at it but it’s a hunert ‘n fitty bucks to come out and you probably just need a new one.  I mean I don’t want to waste your time.  Let me finish this job I’m on and if you really want me to drive all the way out there, I guess you can call me back and I’ll see if I have time.”  *CLICK*


I wish I could say that’s an exaggeration, but it unfortunately seems to be the norm these days.  When you call these small, local businesses, it’s like you’re interrupting their work, and whoever answers the phone is not happy about it.  It makes me want to say:


“I’m sorry….am I bothering you?”


As you know, I own a small, local business myself.  I can’t imagine treating my customers or even potential customers this way.  What purpose would it serve to punish them and make them feel stupid for calling?  The appreciation I have for my customers can’t be expressed in words.  You good people give me the means to provide for my family, and for that I’m eternally grateful.  That appreciation is why, when my phone rings, I always tell myself to smile when I answer it.  Did you know you can hear a smile?  Oh, it’s true!  Give me a call right now if you don’t believe me.


Look, I know it can be intimidating to call a small business.  We’re all so used to being treated like a nuisance, we’re gun shy about calling them now.  Some gruff, impatient sounding caveman is going to answer the phone and make us feel stupid for calling.  But I promise that won’t happen when you call me.  


Remember…I actually appreciate my customers.  I realize the effort it takes to pick up the phone and call a stranger.  My reward to you for doing so is to treat you like the most important person in the world…and to offer a sincere, genuine smile that you WILL hear on your end of the line.
Customers put food on my table, so I’ll never bite the hand that feeds.  When you’re ready for the city’s best carpet repairman and good ol’ fashioned customer service, pick up the phone and call me with confidence.  Or use one of the contact forms on my website.  Either way, I promise I’ll take great care of you. 502.767.2455