Pet urine is the most heinous substance imaginable when it comes to your carpet. I often wonder what sadist bio-engineered the stuff because seriously, it is nature’s perfect supervillain against carpet. So here’s the good news and the bad news. Let’s do bad first.

The average homeowner has virtually zero chance of removing pet urine from their carpet (I’ll explain why in a second). I love pets just as much as you, but I promise you two things:

1.) They are peeing more than you realize. Trust me on this one!

2.) You’ll need professional help if you really want to get rid of stains and odors. I have access to cleaning agents and equipment the public doesn’t even know exist, while the over-the-counter products you have access to are just a huge rip-off.

Now the good news…

You don’t have to worry about any of this! I know how to isolate, extract, and eliminate every last drop of pee. Why are the odds in my favor but stacked against you? I’m so glad you asked. Allow me to explain.

Urine comes out of your pet’s body in a very thin liquid form, like water. And just like water, it seeks the lowest point it can find due to gravity. That means it soaks down into your carpet, and if there’s enough of it, into the underlying pad or even the subfloor.

But urine doesn’t stay liquid. As it biodegrades, urine turns into a thick, oily, fatty goo that is impossible to extract. Imagine spilling a cup of water and a cup of honey on your carpet. After letting it soak in, the water would still be pretty easy to suck up with a Shop-vac. But the honey would be nearly impossible. You’d be able to get a lot of it out, but not all of it. It’s just too thick and sticky.

Now imagine that honey is actually urine. As a liquid, it penetrates as deep into your carpet as it possibly can, then it turns into syrupy goo. And get this: As if urine wasn’t stinky enough on its own, the odor gets even worse once millions of bacteria set up shop and start cranking out their own special fragrance. The whole situation is a perfect smelly storm that is really hard to fix. But again–there’s good news… I know how to beat urine at its own game!

To start, I force it back into a liquid form using chemistry. After identifying where each and every urine spot is (trust me, I have methods for this), they are saturated with a special blend of hot cleaning agents, oxygen, and enzymes. This carefully formulated brew literally digests, dilutes, and suspends urine so that I can suck it out of the carpet and pad with a special tool.

Besides digesting urine, the mixture also destroys odors and kills bacteria, turning what was once the perfect storm into an imperceptible whisper. After I’ve extracted the mixture and all of the urine it has suspended, I clean the carpet with fresh, super-heated water. Finally, I spray down a topical deodorizer, and it’s not just a mask. It actually absorbs and kills any odors that may be left over in both the carpet and the air. Nine times out of ten this process will work.

However, some cases are so severe that the carpet padding has to be replaced and the subfloor has to be sealed. If needed, I can handle all of that for you, in addition to treating the carpet so that it doesn’t have to be replaced. This option is intense and aggressive so obviously some expense goes along with it, but it’s still much cheaper than replacement and your home can go back to looking and smelling great.

Finally, if any discoloration from the urine is left over, I zap it with a peroxide based stain remover that will make your carpet look new again. Odors are the tough part. The stains are actually pretty easy to take care of.

If you are struggling with stains and odors from a naughty pet, please call me. I don’t judge so don’t feel embarrassed. I truly just want to help, and I know for a fact that no one will attack your problem with the tenacity and focus I have. You know what to do…PICK UP THAT PHONE!