[fusion_text]A very common call we receive is for carpet re-stretching. I will usually ask a few questions about the rippled carpet including, the age of the carpet, when was it installed, what areas of the home do the wrinkles appear in the carpet, etc.
I then go on to explain to the caller that 90% of the time we see buckled carpet, is because it was installed improperly.
How on earth could i even know that? Glad you asked.
Carpet becomes rippled for a few different reasons.
1. Improper installation
2. Water Damage
3. Heat/Humidity
4. All of the above
So as the caller answers my questions, I’ll mentally cross each ’cause’ off the list, with the end result being 90% of the time, it is installed improperly.
So, now that we’ve established that, lets get down to the fun stuff.
Improper installation. If you’ve ever had carpet installed you might have noticed the installer using a tool that he bangs his knee with all the way around the room. This tool is called a knee kicker. A knee kicker was designed to assist in carpet installations for closets, and to help tighten the carpet at the edges, when paired with a carpet power stretcher. The carpet power stretcher is a tool that extends the entire length of the room, and stretches the carpet “drum tight.” Chances are your carpet installer did not use this. Its a big bulky expensive tool that takes about 3 minutes per average size room to install. But the mindset of an installer that has 5 rooms to knock out, is ‘Aint nobody got time for that!’
It is much much faster to unroll the carpet, knee kick, trim, tuck, and boom…on to the next one! Money in the bank!
What happens next is, the furniture movers bring your furniture in, and slide it around the room, and since your carpet isn’t “drum tight” your carpet wrinkles up right away.
That’s where I come in. I hear horror stories about carpet companies being impossible to get a hold of, not honoring installation warranties, and so on. But what’s worse is when they call the company back out to fix it, the guy uses a knee kicker…AGAIN, but the wrinkles keep “coming back.”
This is our guarantee to you: We guarantee that when you hire us to re-stretch your carpet, you will get a lifetime labor guarantee that your carpet will never ever buckle up again, for the entire life of the carpet.
We are able to offer this guarantee because we stretch the entire length and width of the room, using the power stretcher, ensuring the carpet is “drum tight.”
If you’re interested in having your rippled carpet looking tight and new again, we’d love to speak with you and give you a free estimate over the phone. We hear people tell us all the time, “That looks fabulous! I wish I would have called you a long time ago!”[/fusion_text]