24/7 Emergency Cleaning. If you have an kind of emergency carpet cleaning need, call me directly at 502.767.2455 and I’ll take care of you. That’s my personal cell so it goes straight to me. Don’t worry about waking me up or bugging me…emergency calls are part of the job and therefore part of my life.

Sometimes my friends laugh when I tell them I offer 24/7 emergency cleaning services. They don’t realize why anybody would ever need emergency cleaning, so it just doesn’t make sense to them. Then I tell them about some of the experiences I’ve had in the past, and they stop laughing.

Once, I got a call late in the evening from a lady who came home from work and discovered ink from a burst pen all over her dining room and stairs. While she and her family were gone during the day, their golden retriever got a hold of a pen and decided to chew it to shreds. The carpet was nearly brand new, very expensive, and she was absolutely freaking out. I’d just pulled in my driveway after a long day of work when she called, but I happily headed back out to take care of her little problem. And yes, the poor dog’s entire mouth was stained blue. Don’t worry, the ink was non-toxic.

Another time, a lady called me in a panic because her elderly mother had cut an artery in her foot and bled all over the house. There was blood absolutely everywhere. Thankfully, the elderly lady was just fine. She just made a terrible mess. I was happy to leave the family dinner I was at to get them all fixed up.

I’ve also been called several times to clean up after sick children who’ve vomited in the middle of the night. I know, it’s gross. Sorry. But I want you to know this is something I can handle. Because when it happens to you, you’ll need me! Sure, some people might clean it up themselves or wait until the next day to call a professional. But trust me, some of these kids must be spraying puke out of a fire hose, because they are making messes that need professional help! That’s probably all I should say about that. At any rate, if you ever find yourself with a late-night mess that requires my assistance, just give me a buzz.

The weirdest call I ever got was from an eccentric rich lady who had sold her mansion of a house, the closing had already happened, and she was supposed to be moved out. Unbeknownst to the new owners, however, she was still sleeping in the home and spilled red wine on the carpet in the middle of the night. The new owners would be there in the morning, and she needed this stain gone! So she called me around midnight, and I helped her out.

If you ever have a cleaning emergency, please don’t hesitate to call me right away. I will gladly help you. Here’s a good idea…save my number in your phone under “Carpet Cleaner” and you’ll be able to find me when you need me the most. Hopefully you won’t need an emergency cleaning, but if you do, I’m here for you!